CMC Government Supply Features EOTech/L-3 Warrior Systems Night Vision and Thermal Gear for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies can find the night vision and thermal imaging devices they need at CMC Government Supply, which carries a wide variety of these tools made by EOTech/L-3 Warrior Systems, the same company that builds the legendary EOTech holog

CMC Government Supply aims to outfit federal, state, and local law enforcement units with the best equipment to give public servants every advantage during dangerous situations. Night vision and thermal imaging devices are no exception. CMC Government Supply carries a wide assortment of equipment made by EOTech/L-3 Warrior Systems, the makers of the battlefield-proven EOTech holographic sights.

The M914A monocular ( mounts on an officer's head, helmet, or a weapon's Picatinny rail. Using a Third Generation intensifier for improved image clarity, the device offers 1x magnification and features a bright-light cut-off system to protect the tube from bright light. The monocular uses a single AA battery, which lasts 40 hours and the device weighs in at just over half a pound.

In addition to the monocular, the company also makes compact and lightweight Binocular Night Vision Devices (, which use Third Generation intensifier tubes. Although they weigh only a pound, the binoculars give their users improved peripheral night vision as binoculars. The design allows them to remain low-profile and rotate to a stowed position against the helmet and officers can also use a single tube as a monocular.

EOTech/L-3 Warrior Systems also makes a light thermal weapon sight ( for law enforcement officers to use in total darkness smoke, rain, or snowy conditions. Officers can use the sight as a handheld device or as a weapon-mounted sight, where it can be boresighted to maintain 1 minute of angle accuracy.

CMC Government Supply sells these EOTech/L-3 Warrior Systems tools to law enforcement only. Agencies and departments should contact CMC Government Supply to learn more about ordering the products. To view the entire line of EOTech/L-3 Warrior Systems sights, night vision, and thermal devices available through CMC, visit

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