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CMC Government Supply Adds Federal Signal's Tire Deflation Systems to Law Enforcement Product Lineup

Federal Signal's tire deflation systems are perfect for law enforcement officers who need to safely put the brakes on high-speed chases.

CMC Government Supply has added tire deflation systems from Federal Signal to its line of law enforcement products. There are four sizes of tire deflation systems, all of which puncture the thickest of tires, and fold up to fit into a small lightweight case for easy vehicle storage and transport.

"With the addition of Federal Signal's tire deflation systems, CMC Government Supply is showing itself to be a trusted source for high-quality tools that Law Enforcement can depend on," says CMC Government Supply Vice President Debby Parker. "We not only offer good products, but we sell them at good prices so departments and agencies can supply their officers with the best equipment."

Federal Signal builds two basic types of tire deflation systems. One is a pocket-sized two-spike system called the Rat Trap. An officer can place it in front of a stopped vehicle's tire if the officer believes the driver may try to flee. The other system is the Stinger Spike System for use on moving vehicles. These systems come in the Metro model, which is 10 feet long, the 15.5-foot Trooper, and the 25-foot Defender. The Trooper is also available with longer, 2.1-inch spikes.

With the Stinger Spike System, angled wings pivot 1-4/5-inch spikes into a tire. Once the hollow spikes are embedded in the tire, they detach from the wings and stay in the tire, safely releasing all its air. Because the Singer Spike Systems come with extra spikes and a spike replacement tool, officers can replace spikes in the field within minutes. Federal Signal offers free replacement spikes to law enforcement units for the life of their Stinger Spike System.

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