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Clearwater Pledges To Make Life Easier For Personal Injury Sufferers

The presently implemented personal injury law in the UK has been a source of confusion and complication to many. Consequently, people, who have suffered an injury due to 3rd party negligence, are often being subjected to low compensation.

As mentioned by the Law Society, almost 3 million people in the UK are injured due to mishaps every year in. Such accidents occur at home, at work, in traffic and about everywhere else that citizens go. When an individual's injuries are attributed to another party's carelessness or lack of care, then the wounded person has the right to file a claim for a reward for the damages done to him/her.

In UK, personal law injury law has slowly been evolving since the middle of 1990's. However, the 'change' in the then existing law has been a source of confusion and cluelessness to many, especially to the people who are not very well aware of their legal rights. Hence, to prevent the system from becoming extremely litigious, the government has adopted a fresh legislation, which has taken effect from the 1st April, 2013. However, personal injury claims in the UK are, in general, a little more complicated that they are in the other nations in the world. As for example, the compensations offered in the UK are more tightly controlled than in the U.S.

To interpret the current law, People of U.K, ranging from employees to different concerns as well as well as others, who have suffered grievous injuries that qualify for a claim settlement under the existing system do need a legal representative to justify their cases . It is essential for every citizen to understand what the legal system has in store for them and what can be the possible changes in the future. Under such cases, only an expert attorney can give suggest people on the optimal course of action.

However, hiring a personal injury solicitor can be both expensive and
confusing. In most cases, the experts in the field charge a hefty sum to handle individual cases. Again, though there has been a number of legal firms that offer their services for reasonable price, many of these agencies deliver promises too good to be true. Plus, they are often seen to allot the cases to the inexperienced trainee lawyers, who are still on their 'learning phase'. However, Clearwater Solutions, a premiere UK-based legal firm offering truly experienced Personal injury solicitors Manchester , Bolton, Bury, Burnley, Blackburn, Preston and other parts of the UK strive to be 'different' from its peers. "Our mission and vision is to see every faces, that come to us after meeting a mishap for no fault of theirs, smiling! We don't believe in unnecessary exploitations; because we believe that one satisfied customer can bring us thousands of references. So our USP remains as simple as offering the best services for the best price possible", a spokesperson from the company recently mentioned.

Just like many of its peers, even Clearwater Solutions offers an array of value added services to make their customers get the most from them. For example, the company charges no consultation fee if any of their clients fail to receive compensation even if they had good reasons to win. Plus, the legal team of the company comprises of both young, enthusiastic talents and individuals who have been in this field for many decades. The company does not believe in making false promises to their clients. Hence, they take every care to make sure that their clients get reasonable and realistic legal counseling. Plus, unlike many of the legal firms offering their services in the UK, Clearwater solutions allow their clients to have a face-to-face conversation with the people who will actually be dealing the cases.

The company specializes in different types of personal injury and accident at work compensation cases, such as slip and trip accidents, accidents due to usage of defective/ old/ poor quality products, clinical negligence and others. The company also maintains its own blog, where, as a value added service, they regularly provide with a number of valuable suggestions to people who are looking to settle their personal injury claims. Each of the articles are handled by the experts in the field.

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