Clearview Institute Introduces Activated Laser Light Transepithelial Cross-Linking At Its Toronto Vision Correction Centre

In an aim to bring the benefits of the latest advancements in eye treatment to Ontario, Clearview Vision Institute Toronto has pioneered the introduction of the Activated Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking procedure in Canada

Clearview Vision Institute, a boutique vision correction centre in Toronto, recently introduced Canada's first technologically advanced cross-linking facility to compliment its LASIK surgery centre in Toronto.

The innovative Activated Laser Light Transepithelial Cross-linking procedure offers patients a highly effective, safe and technologically advanced eye treatment for keratoconus, keratectasia and other degenerative disorders of the cornea.

Introduced in 1998, transepithelial cross-linking is a procedure that strengthens the corneal surface of the eye, allowing for clearer vision and resolving many vision limitations associated with corneal disease.

The traditional method used in cross-linking treatment generally involves the removal of the corneal surface layer. When this happens, the cornea must then regenerate itself, which further delays the healing process and increases the risk of complications.

The Activated Laser Light Transepithelial Cross-linking treatment at Clearview Vision Institute in Toronto eliminates this added risk by keeping the corneal surface layer intact and thus accelerating the recovery process.

Furthermore, the procedure initiates molecular cross-linking of the corneal collagen, which in turn minimizes or stops the thinning of the cornea and helps to prevent the need for a corneal transplant in the future.

Activated Laser Light Transepithelial cross-linking does not involve surgical incisions or stitches. The relatively non-invasive procedure is performed with the KXL system; this advanced technology is manufactured by AVEDRO. The procedure uses a specialized laser delivery system, which precisely titrates the amount of energy delivered and guarantees improvements in visual recovery.

Corneal diseases can cause the cornea to weaken, take on an irregular shape and lead to distorted vision. The strengthening of the corneal fibers through transepithelial crosslinking effectively improves both vision and corneal shape.

Clinical studies spanning over a decade have clearly established the efficiency of this corneal treatment, with the benefits of the procedure appearing to be permanent.

Since Activated Laser Light Transepithelial cross-linking introduction in Canada by Clearview Vision Institute, crosslinking has gained immense popularity and is now routinely performed on patients as young as 10 years old.


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