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Cleaning Company in London Reveals Surprising Statistics

Today, Housekeepers London Cleaning Company announced the demographics profile of its clients. The statistics are based on a complex on-line study conducted since November 2013.

Housekeepers London decided to share with the world some very interesting and unexpected statistics. It's an interesting fact that female customers book cleaning services as much as male customers. 49% of all clients are women versus 51% - men. This is a little bit unexpected since many other statistics prove the fact that women clean more frequently than men do. However, the busy life in London is probably the main reason for this surprise.

Another interesting fact is the age of Housekeepers London's customers. Company expected different results. The biggest customer group is composed of unemployed young people between 18 and 24 years of age (33,50%). This fact means most of the company's clients are students who are usually dependent on their parents. Indirectly, the students's parents are Housekeepers London's clients, too.

The second biggest customer group is composed of people between 25-34 years of age (27,50%). Usually, the people from this particular group are employed and spend a lot of their time outside of their home. Probably, this is the main reason they need the help of professional cleaning agencies.

Considering the above factors, it comes as no surprise that 25,5% of all clients are interested in sports and other physical activities. 22,4% of them are interested in computers and Electronics. And just 15% are interested in cooking. Preparing your own food requires a lot of time. It turns out lack of time is the main problem for the young people living in the United Kingdom.

Every year, cleaning and cooking are becoming less attractive. In their spare time, young people prefer sports and other more pleasant activities such as watching movies and going out with friends.

About Housekeepers London
Housekeepers London is a cleaning company located in London. The agency provides both domestic and commercial cleaning services such as:

- Home Cleaning
- Spring Cleaning
- Office Cleaning
- Gardening Services
- Professional Handyman Services

The cleaning company provides services in London boroughs part of areas Greater London, Kent, Surrey and others. Housekeepers London has been cleaning homes and offices in London for more than ten years.

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