CleanEdison Offers New Range of Skills and Certification Training

CleanEdison is broadening its reach with its new list of products, including Welding, Project Management, Engineering and Lean Six Sigma certification training.

Ever on the cutting edge of vocational and professional certification training, CleanEdison has just released a new gamut of course offerings, adding to its extensive syllabus of skills-focused education. The company is broadening its scholastic reach with its list of new products, including Welding, Project Management, Engineering and Lean Six Sigma certification training. While the clean energy industries remain the primary focus of CleanEdison's curriculum, such as solar installation training and LEED accreditation, the new prospectus opens up the field to other professional skills that are increasingly valuable in today's employment landscape.

About CleanEdison
CleanEdison promotes sustainability and green building practices by offering expert advice through consulting services and best-in-class education to professionals serving the green building industry. The company serves federal, state and local governments, building design and construction firms, owners, operators and real estate investors. They have educated hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals in green building practices through customized training and the largest open enrollment green training program in the nation. CleanEdison has courses in the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certification, Energy Auditing, Solar, Wind and Renewable Energy. CleanEdison has also developed numerous customized training programs specific to a business or organization's needs.

New Products

Civil Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) License, and Electrical FE License Exam Prep
These courses prepare students for the Fundamentals of Engineering exams in Civil or Electrical Engineering. The exam is offered twice a year, in April and October, and is open to anyone with a degree in engineering or related field, or in their final year of such a degree. Once obtained, the license allows students to publicly represent themselves as engineers, work as consultant, and be recognized as having academic and professional experience in the engineering field. The license is a major added value within the job market.

Civil Professional Engineer (PE) License, and Electrical PE License Exam Prep
CleanEdison's online and in-person PE classes prepare candidates for their final PE exam. This license is a key differentiator for those who hold it, and it permits them exclusive rights to prepare, sign, seal and submit engineering plans and drawings to public authority.

Lean Six Sigma Exam Prep Green Belt and Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma (LSS), made famous by Toyota Motor Company, was developed in manufacturing environments and is the prevailing cost and waste elimination method used successfully in both private and public organizations. Applicable to both industrial/manufacturing processes as well as transactional/customer service processes, these credentials qualify professionals for process improvement in their organization. While Green Belts usually serve as part-time leaders or members of Six Sigma projects, Black Belts are a full-time change agent within the organization. Indeed, Black Belts are so central to the execution and delivery of Six Sigma projects that Black Belt training is often the first step for companies implementing the highly valuable Six Sigma process.

Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management
Certified by the Project Management Institute, the PMP Certification is the most important and widely recognized certification in project management. Leading to increased marketability and higher salaries, this credential is in high demand in many areas of the workforce, from construction and contracting to marketing and IT. There are some prerequisites, including a secondary degree and some project management experience, but once these are met, CleanEdison's course streamlines the certification preparation process with live or online instruction and extensive course materials.

Entry Level Welding
The Entry Level Welding program is a comprehensive set of minimum standards and guidelines for welding education programs. With this certification, candidates will learn safety and entry level welding skills in all processes and in all positions. As it meets American Welding Society (AWS) standards, the Entry Level Welding certification helps students achieve higher job placement rates, and choose from a wide variety of careers.

With its new list of course offerings, CleanEdison remains at the forefront of professional certification and vocational skills education. As more people are being propelled toward these kinds of jobs due to a "skills gap" and a growing population of retiring baby boomers, these cost effective training programs will only increase in appeal and long-term value.

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