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Classical Grand Opera, Storm's Affair by DLH

Rooted from Rainbows Over the Land a creative collection of visual poetry, a classical grand opera evolves. Storm's Affair grand opera displays ambiance, subtle moods and nuances. The essence of Europe is the limit with complemenatry photography.

Denise Laureen Handal is a baby boomer, who is raised in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Denise has earned her Baccalaureate Degree from Pace University. Denise comments, "Education promotes understanding of the world, ourselves and others, in a nutshell, civilization." Employed with NYC government, Miss Handal refers to the people in this manner, God's good government. The thrust of creativity, always, inspires her.


Denise captures the scene in verse and photographs. Here a literary treasure unfolds, entitled Storm's Affair grand opera, when setting poems to music in songs. Storm's Affair grand opera carries you through an era where people's moods, their feelings and emotions unravel. The Town of Brookvale enters into a Restoration period. "The fascination is pomp's 'n pride with a touch of romance," says Denise. Those love affairs, we all experience promote our humanity. Jubilation is expressed toward the universe.

Denise abundant life experience is the force de destino, which has empowered her with the confidence to continue writing. Coming 2015, a dual book signing will be taking place South of Houston Street SOHO, New York City.

ISBN 978-4685-4651-4 (sc) ISBN 978-4817-5604-4 (e)

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