Ramona Tire will be hosting this year's Classic Car Craze at the corn maze located at Big Horse feed. This event draws classic car enthusiasts around the world.

Hemet based Ramona Tire will be hosting this year's Classic Car Craze at the corn maze located at Big Horse Feed. This event draws classic car enthusiasts around the world and allows them to explore some of the finest vehicles to have ever been produced.

Ramona Tire & Automotive Service Centers, is a proud sponsor and Chris Wyborny the Vice President of the company couldn't be more thrilled with sponsoring the event.

"We are proud to sponsor the Classic Car Craze at the Corn Maze at Big Horse Feed. We're sure it will be a great day for classic car enthusiasts and their families"

Taking place from 8 AM until 4 PM on October 5, 2013 the event will award prizes to the best of the classic cars that are showcased at the show. To be eligible participants must submit their entry for consideration no later than September 30, 2013. No same day entries will be allowed during the event. Commercial booths can also be purchased by contacting Angie Clark at 406-224-8848 or through her e-mail angieclark6013@gmail.com.

On the day of the event, trophies will be awarded to vehicles in the following categories:

Hot Rod
Custom Car
Muscle Car
Rat Rod
Classic Car
Antique Car

In addition to trophies, all applicants who pay their $25.00 fee will receive an event T-shirt, goodie bag and a dash plaque for their vehicle. Those interested in signing up are encouraged to do so early. Entry forms are available at all 17 of Ramona Tire's 17 Southern California locations.

Visitors the day of the event are encouraged to attend the Big Foot Monster Truck Crush Show and register to win a set of Firestone Destination tires that will be raffled off by Ramona Tires.

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