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Clare Brace Heads SEO For Williams Commerce

SEO requires a sharp mind, which is why Williams Commerce has Clare Brace behind them.

When searching for something on Google, specific sites will come up before others. For example, a Google search of "Face" brings up Facebook, before relating searches to the word on its own. A Google search of the word "Book" brings Facebook up again, however it is pushed to the second position by Wikipedia's definition of what a book actually is. These are just a couple of examples of how Search Engine Optimisation can change the way people find things online. Statistically, a first result on a Google search will receive more clicks than one at the bottom of the page.

Search Engine Optimisation is what places particular internet pages in position on Google searches. More investment in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), means a page should climb higher and higher up Google's rankings, gaining momentum and finding purchase eventually within Google's number one spot. In incredibly basic terms, SEO is rather simple to do. However, knowing which phrases, which lines, and which articles will best garner interest and gain movement with Google's search pages requires an analytical mind.

Which is where Williams Commerce steps in, their amazing SEO team is led by Clare Brace, Birmingham's number one SEO consultant, with over 6 years of professional experience within the fields of internet marketing. Clare is the driving force behind a team of SEO experts, copywriters and article composers. Their success is often linked to Clare's upmost knowledge about Google's current workability, popularity in phrases, and years of knowledge within website development.

Williams Commerce work with many online retailers and wholesalers, in order to better their websites, improve their SEO and garner more business and traffic for all those under the Williams Commerce company. Creating a successful SEO workforce and keeping many businesses at the forefront of Google's searches is what Clare Brace and the Williams Commerce SEO team do best.

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