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CJIS Security Policies Satisfied With GoldKey Flash Tokens

Marysville Police Department receives FBI Approval for its CJIS compliance strategy using GoldKey tokens.

Users of the FBI Criminal Justice Information System CJIS are facing stiff new regulations for Advanced Authentication and encryption of sensitive data. According to the new Security Policy, all law enforcement organizations will be required to implement enhanced security technology before October of 2013.

Under the new requirements, FBI data accessed by law enforcement officers must now be encrypted whenever it is accessed or carried outside of secure facilities. This new requirement has created a serious challenge for police departments needing to comply with the regulations. Total disk encryption schemes are difficult to deploy, time consuming, and vulnerable to cold boot attacks, whereby encryption keys can be stolen by cold booting a machine already running an operating system.

Furthermore, sensitive data stored on a laptop mounted in a patrol car is difficult to relocate to the police station at the end of a shift. Also, since officers may use a different vehicle on different days, it is hard to keep track of files needed for a particular investigation.

The Marysville, WA Police Department, long known for innovation, was the first in the nation to deploy the new GoldKey flash tokens as the solution to the CJIS requirements. U.S. manufactured GoldKey security tokens provide a secure method of Advanced Authentication as required by the FBI policy. By using the new GoldKey flash tokens, they are able to automatically store encrypted CJIS files inside the token.

This solution has significant advantages as compared to other options. Each officer is issued a personal GoldKey, which can be used to unlock laptop computers, to access the CJIS System, and to store encrypted files. When the GoldKey is removed from the patrol car, the encrypted files are on the token and can be easily carried by the officer into the station. GoldKey is compatible with the Active Directory systems already deployed by most law enforcement organizations.

According to Joseph Finley, IT Admin. for the City of Marysville, the switch over to GoldKey was a smooth process. "From day one, the guys at GoldKey have provided outstanding support. From start to finish it has been excellent. Deployment was very easy. Once it was setup in Active Directory we just enabled interactive login and now the officers are required to use GoldKey. We have been using it for six months with no issues."

The new GoldKey Tokens with built-in Flash have opened a whole new level of versatility for law enforcement applications. At the Florida Law Enforcement Conference, FBI CJIS Division ISO, George White, was on hand to answer questions about the CJIS encryption specifications. The CJIS Security Policies specifies a minimum 128-bit encryption key for data stored outside of physically secure boundaries. GoldKey with secure internal storage was said to meet the CJIS requirement.

GoldKey Security Corporation has partnered with the International Academy of Science to develop a special training and certification course covering the use of security tokens in law enforcement. The course covers the creation of a hardware-based key management system, the interface with Active Directory, and deployment of encrypted storage both in the key, on a hard drive and in the cloud.
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