City Executives Begin Turning To Mindfulness And Hypnosis Techniques To Achieve Maximum Performance In Their Business Areas

A leading UK organisation who specialise in delivering mind based development courses have announced a sharp rise in the number of business executives tapping into powerful techniques such as hypnosis and mindfulness, to achieve peak performance.

Unlike conventional personal development courses adopted by businesses to enhance their executives performances, mind-based practices offered by 'Hypnopreneur', such as the increasingly popular 'Mindfulness' technique, offer a results-focused and fully tailored opportunity to unlock the potential to achieve goals within individuals. The proven success of these techniques has resulted in an upsurge of high powered individuals resorting to mind-based techniques to improve their career prospects.

Designed specifically to address the difficulties high powered, high pressured executives face on a daily basis, the techniques available are being utilised more extensively than ever before, in order to address issues such as public speaking, sales performance, communication skills and creativity.

Harley Street in London, Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in business skills, Rory James MacLaren-Jackson, commented "These highly effective techniques are best described as 'personal training for the mind', helping to harness positive improvements within business areas and career development.

Whether getting yourself ready for a particular event - such as an important interview or a big presentation - or just to harness general positive improvements in your everyday business life and career, Hypnopreneur can help you achieve your goals. In today's world of fast paced business, mind-based development approaches can also help individuals build upon psychological resilience, stress, anxiety and depression management."

'The Hypnopreneur' approach is an effective method of achieving personal development in business by utilising a unique blend of advanced hypnosis, mindfulness, coaching and business skills training for success. To find out more about how techniques such as Mindfulness can help individuals gain an edge, please visit the official website at www.hypnopreneur.biz or alternatively call 020 7127 0615.

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