Citrus Introduces a New Chapter on Problem Management

A new dimension to the IT technical problems is worked out

SimpliSys Ltd. has taken a holistic review of problems management with the release of the latest version of Citrus Service Desk. The emphasis of the software is to dynamically promote "Known Errors" to front line staff at the point of call logging. This approach avoids known problems to be escalated to 2nd and 3rd line staff and duplicating effort. The ITIL Helpdesk software provides information on Symptom, Cause and Workaround for repetitive to be closed at an early stage.

SimpliSys Director, Peter Lench made a quick note on problem management aspect of "Citrus Service Desk" - 'This ITIL Helpdesk software has a smart set of features addressing all aspects associated with IT technical problems. The software also reduces human effort involved in problem resolution by preventing repeat problems from being logged saving time'.

"Citrus Service Desk" is packed with features that allow it to track Helpdesk processes on a collaborative scale. The software ensures that every aspect of technical problem resolution is executed to the satisfaction of their customer (s).

With "Citrus Service Desk", problem are logged, categorised, prioritised, investigated and diagnosed, following standard industry guidelines to assure an effective and streamlined service. The software has proven its worth at different levels in the IT support service industry.


I have experienced the power of Citrus problem management. It has helped my technical support team to meet the time constraints we set. I remember the times when problem resolution was just not going well. There were always pending technical problems. Situation was getting out of control. Citrus helped my team to get to the levels where they could resolve all technical problems efficiently. I have huge list of happy clients. Whether it is problem logging, analysis or resolution, Citrus is able to handle it all. I am now concentrating on expanding my business instead of handling the technical problems. My team is ultra-efficient.

Citrus Service Desk is an effective, ITIL aligned, online Helpdesk software application that is designed to efficiently handle the IT support service requests and execute the resolution of types of issues in a stipulated time frame. The best part about Citrus Service Desk software is that can be smartly configured in the administration console and meet precise requirements of customer (s). Citrus is developed by SimpliSys Ltd.; the company has expertise in the area of service management delivery. The ITIL Helpdesk software integrates cutting edge tools such as Knowledge and Report Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Task Management and CMDB (Configuration Management Database) to make it a must have solution for any forward thinking organisation.

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