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Cinpolis The 3D Film Festival

From May 19 to June 19, 2014, patrons relived the magic of blockbuster 3D films like The Amazing Spiderman, Avatar, Life of Pi, Godzilla etc. at Cinpolis

Cinpolis, the worlds 4th largest cinema chain and Indias 1st international exhibitor in collaboration with RealD, leading global licensor of stereoscopic 3D technology hosted a 3D film festival in various cities like Ahmedabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc. Cinpolis once again screened 3D blockbusters such as Amazing Spiderman, Godzilla, Life of Pi and Avatar for their patrons who enjoyed unparalleled, mind blowing 3D experience at their theatres.

Announcing the festival, Praneet Mishra, Manager Marketing and Business Intelligence, Cinepolis India quoted that It felt great to present this special opportunity, in collaboration with RealD, for our patrons who watched their favorite 3D flicks on the big screen. Our 3D technology enabled by RealD has been appreciated by the viewers across all our cinemas. The future will bring more releases of amazing 3D movies and we need to promote our superior offering among the audience through such events

RealD 3D cinema technology is a polarized 3D system that uses circularly polarized light to produce stereoscopic image projection. The advantage of circular polarization over linear polarization is that viewers are able to tilt their head and look about the theatre naturally without seeing double or darkened images. With the advent of RealD 3-D technology, complains of headaches or nausea from viewers during or even after viewing 3D will be resolved.

Cinpolis right now is the only multiplex chain in India which is using this technology.

The festival was scheduled from May 19 and lasted up to June 19. Patrons enjoyed all the movies with special festival discounted prices.

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