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CIIT and Its Commitment to Bring in Commendable Artists

Manila Bulletin, a well-established and credible newspaper in the Philippines, pioneered a picture perfect challenge that fosters passion for photography.

The media industry, in its attempt to discover more highly acclaimed artist, is delving into various means to fully promote and eagerly encourage individuals, with passion for art, to come out and show off their talents.

Manila Bulletin, a well-established and credible newspaper in the Philippines, pioneered a picture perfect challenge that fosters passion for photography. It aims to promote the marvels of visual art by encouraging photo enthusiasts, whether professional or amateur photographers, to submit their creations.

By providing real arts and technical education, a CIIT student and her entry was chosen in the Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect section. Sam Morales, 17 years old, a second year student of multimedia and her photo entitled, "Sayaw sa Ulan", was featured in the street photography category in its September 16, 2013 issue. With humility, being an amateur, she is greatly honored to be recognized along with the experts.

Sam Morales, a novice in photography, already begun under expert photographers. She started her foray last year. Ed Celestino, her professor, is the man behind her budding craft. Her talent remained unexploited for several years until she decided to study multimedia arts in CIIT.

CIIT's Strategy in Educating Its Students
As technology persistently pushes developments, there's no doubt that education is the key to successfully tread in any industry. From personal and economic standpoints, multimedia arts is going to be a booming and lucrative career. As a result, there are now several schools that offer multimedia arts courses in the Philippines.

But what makes CIIT different from the other schools? Apparently, it has combined arts and new technology to intensify its multimedia arts and other digital art courses. The course equips traditional artists with technological proficiencies on their way to the mainstream. The academe's program is structured to hone experts in the field of interactive multimedia, electronic publishing, digital audio and video, animation, graphic design, game development, web development, and tri-media advertising.

CIIT uses a fast and comprehensible system that gives its students the essential edge to learn and use their skills ahead of time. It implements the following approaches in order to produce current and future award winning artists:

1. Balancing the right strategies.
Teaching is not all about memorizing a pile of paperwork. Most work is all about preparing and improving the students' technical skills and creativity through actual demonstration and practical training. While most schools are talking more about theories and creative concepts, CIIT uses both lecture and practical training alongside each other.

2. Maintaining high standards.
CIIT educators, despite sudden changes in technological trends, are committed to practicing professional and personal touch in their teaching. The school only employs expert instructors to guarantee that all of its students will get quality time and education. It also manages to provide students with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to ensure that they are going to be well adept in using new and upcoming technologies.

3. Having an expedient and expedited curriculum.
CIIT resolutely infuses industry-based learning that offers students with complete knowledge in short-term. It works closely with professionals and sets alliance with the arts industry, whose inputs are key factors in forming the academe's curriculum.

4. Providing flexibility.
It is a common fact that technology upgrades constantly. CIIT has the ability to adapt to sudden drifts in technological trends. It will adjust its curriculum to give what's new and to be stretched accordingly towards opportunity. Apart from its agility, it is giving its students and applicants a variety of programs to allow them to choose the one that will fit their schedule and make them better. As of now, aside from diploma, double-diploma, and specialist mu, the Bachelor's degree program is the latest addition to its curriculum.

CIIT believes that the Philippines has plenty of artistic and technically proficient talents. Creative skills are natural, only waiting to be refined. Although there are people who have difficulty identifying their talent(s), this arts and technically committed academe is willing to unleash their prime potentialities—the same thing they did to Sam Morales.

If you are interested in the different courses offered by CIIT, you may visit or call its offices at the following numbers: (+632) 411.1196, (+632) 413.1139, or (+632) 416.1104. You may also send your inquiries through e-mail at

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