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Cigar City Magazine Presents Cigars and Stars

Cigar City Magazine will host its 10th annual "Cigars & Stars

Cigar City Magazine will host its10th annual "Cigars & Stars" at the end of this month; an evening filled with the ambiance of the cigar makers and cigar factories that had a huge impact on building Tampa!

Over 300 guests are expected to attend this spectacular event at the Ybor City Museum State Park in the garden. The Ybor City Museum State Park is a centerpiece in the Ybor City historic district, which was once known as the Cigar City! Ybor City's rich history, diverse cultures and significant Cuban, Sicilian and Spanish heritage are the perfect backdrop for this exciting event.

Ticket price is $55 per person, which includes 2 Arturo Fuente & 2 Cuesta Rey Cigars, food by Whaley's Blazin' BBQ, Beer, Wine & Spirits, Entertainment, real Cuban cigar roller and demonstration and Silent Auction items.

Net proceeds for this event will benefit the West Tampa Little League and pay the registration for many underprivileged children that otherwise would not be able to afford. A major part of Tampa's reputation for being a pipeline to the major leagues, the West Tampa Little League has been home to many major league players including Fred McGriff, Tino Martinez, Lou Piniella, Tony LaRussa, Dave Magadan, Luis Gonzalez and Ken Suarez. More importantly, it seeks to teach children not only about sports and teamwork, but also about greater life skills that will serve them as adults in the community.

About Cigar City Magazine: Cigar City Magazine is the vision of Lisa M. Figueredo who feels passionately about her blended culture, history, and family. Cigar City Magazine, Tampa Bay's ONLY History Magazine for 10 years now, seeks to celebrate the unique culture of the Tampa Bay area, to document that vibrant history, and bring it to life for future generations. Rediscover.
Remember. Relive.

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