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Chrome Infotech Launched DigDave - A Complete CRM App in Market

Chrome Infotech develops a uniquely practical scheduling app - Digdave, that allows you to schedule work to your field workers to complete.

With the rapid mobile app evolution, Chrome Infotech has come up with a new all rounder web scheduling mobile app in collaboration with Mr. Brett Harward, CEO and Founder of DigDave, LLC. This app bring ease of work for US based contractors, Landscapers, Real Estate professionals, Pest Control, Healthcare companies through easy documentation, communication and inspection of work completed.

Chrome Infotech team started the job from scratch and completed it with great efficiency. Its proactive developers showed their extensive expertise on frontend, backend (based on Java) and made it available on iPhone and Android.

Dave allows you to schedule job for someone else or even yourself to complete. Once a job is scheduled by you then you can assign it to anyone who has a Dave enabled mobile phone. The first time you setup a mobile phone it will send them an email inviting them to download a mobile Dave app that will then receive and send communications from you to them and from them to you. It will only take a couple seconds for them to setup. Once its confirmed you can start sending them jobs immediately.

Here are its main features:

Document - To document everything someone does in the field and mark it complete through signatures, videos, photos and comments.

Verify - To verify where and when any task was completed through both the internal phone clock as well as the internal smart phone GPS system. Google Earth is used to pinpoint exactly where someone was standing when documentation occurred.

Organize - Keep everything organized by job, by project, by customer, by date, or by who did the work. You can see it in seconds from any Internet enabled computer.

Communication - Notify people, both inside or outside of your company including project managers, superintendents, supervisors, owners, customers, or anyone else who needs to know.

Protect - To protect the integrity of the data, all the information is pulled straight from the internal clock and GPS of the mobile phone and can be recorded when something was uploaded to my main server. Then it gets locked up in storage systems to protect its integrity and perhaps later use it as proof of what was done when.

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