Chris Luu's new record label launch called 454 Life Entertainment, LLC

Bay Area born and bred, but internationally known, 454 Life Entertainment is a record label that represents a breakthrough voice from the streets. There has never been an urban Asian music label like this before. 454 Life Entertainment is a movement

Chris Luu, chairman of the board at Q Black Media, a privately held San Francisco based new media investment and production company, announces the launch of 454 Life Entertainment, a cutting edge record label featuring Asian American hip hop artists.

Currently signed to the new music venture are Nump Trump, Drew Deezy, and Thai. They have collaborated on a visionary introductory video, the first official 454 release single, "Go Hard." Additionally signed is the well respected upcoming Los Angeles based Korean rapper IZ, bringing a new energy and underground following.

Nump Trump is a thriving Bay area rapper with an astounding studio resume. He carries a passionate musical ethic and has previously enjoyed extensive success, gaining the admiration of his peers.

Drew Deezy, San Francisco based, proudly champions his Samoan heritage in his anthems. He brings strong street credibility to his loyal fan base while bringing a timely fusion of a Pacific Asian message.

Best known for his street single, "Vietnamese Gang," controversial Vietnamese rapper, Thai, hails from Portland, Oregon via San Jose, California. His rap embraces both personal struggle and overcoming.

Chris Luu has a diverse background in the entertainment business, including several high profile new media entities in Southeast Asia. He has been on the forefront of discovering, managing and promoting new and under recognized talent, and is excited about exploiting a global business strategy, giving emerging artists an unparalleled opportunity.

Luu says, "454 Life Entertainment fills a void for Asian and Pacific artists and embraces their talent. The time is now for the world to hear their music, their voice and their message. Our record label transcends cultural lines, opens doors, and gives vision to a vast global market."

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