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Chris Carpenter's Info Cash Updates Very Successful Business System Using Bing and Facebook Advertising

A new marketing program takes a tried and true model and updates it completely for 2013, harnessing the power of the new combination of Microsoft and Facebook advertising.

Info Cash is the featured this month on the website, Extraincomereports.com , where it is reviewed and set for testing in the near future. "I was very excited when I hear Carpenter was coming out of retirement with an update to his program," said Michael Barrington one of the founders of Extra Income Reports, "I had used Google Cash years ago and it was how I made my first money from the Internet, and actually the first money I made from outside of my regular 9-to-5 job."

Author and Internet marketing expert Chris Carpenter is releasing his new product "Info Cash" which comes out now, over a decade after his #1 best selling work-at-home guide changed the lives of thousands of people who followed his system. That was Google Cash then, now the question is can Info Cash use that same basic idea only with the new tools available from Google's competitors now in 2013?

According to its creator, Info Cash builds on that earlier business model but is completely updated for today's reality. It uses the untapped power of Microsoft's Bing and Facebook's new search engine. That combination creates what might be the most powerful search engine in the world - yet most people have never even heard of their new system, Carpenter points out.

It is a legitimate and long-lasting business model, says Carpenter, because it brings buyers with a need together with sellers with a product with a well compensated middleman in between.

It is, Carpenter says, pretty much the same opportunity he saw years ago with Google advertising. But Info Cash is brand new and is aimed at newbies to the world of marketing, veterans who want to expand their income sources, work-at-home parents who want some extra income without high risk, and those who have been disappointed with other Internet programs in the past.

A problem for many starting or expanding a home based business is that they do not have technical skills, an email list of potential customers, or even a website. Info Cash can be started with none of those things, says Carpenter. It is a fast way to get up and running in a home based business for very small investments. This video course explains in detail how Carpenter has been making a great living using these techniques he has refined to take advantage of the new opportunities presented by giants Microsoft and Facebook.
A more complete review of Info Cash is available at Extra Income Reports

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