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Chit Chat Mobile Rides the Wave of Top Selling Amazon Book

Chit Chat Mobile's popularity increases after the release of new book, Cell Phone Contract Breaker: Learn how to break your cell phone contract and move to a better carrier.

After its recent release, Cell Phone Contract Breaker, by Larry Jacobs, quickly rose to the top of the Amazon's best sellers list in the category contracts. The book explains how to break your current cell phone contract for many reasons. Larry Jacobs, explains, "Many people want to get out of their contract without an early termination fee and switch companies due to dropped calls, bill increases, bad coverage or just to get a better cost carrier. This book tells you how."

The top selling book suggest Kansas company Chit Chat Mobile, one of Sprint's fastest growing MVNO's, as an option to switch to if you want excellent coverage and good value." After seeing Chit Chat Mobile on PC Magazine's Top Ten List for Cheap Plans, we found that they had one of the lowest priced unlimited plans in the nation starting at $9.99. And, with in-house customer service, broadband and other features that can be added on, make Chit Chat Mobile hard to beat." states Jacobs.

Chit Chat Mobile reports exponential growth at the end of their first year and hopes to have continued success in the wireless industry. "We are thrilled to have been recommended, and when the millions of people stuck in 2-4 year contracts paying upwards of $100 monthly realize they can get out early and get the same service unlimited for $20, we expect to see a surge of even more activations." explains James Gentry, Chit Chat Mobile COO.

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