Offers a New Line of Pre-engineered Kinesiology Tape In SpiderTech Tape is pleased to announce that it recently has added SpiderTech Tape, a pre-cut, pre-packed taping solution engineered for pain reduction, joint stability, and decreases strain.

NUCAP Medical, creator of SpiderTech Tape, is a newly formed company focused on the creation of innovative and effective functional medical products designed to approach pain management and myofascial dysfunction through the use of specialized elastic tape applications called "SpiderTech". SpiderTech originated from the collaboration between a Chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Jardine and a client - an amateur athlete and successful industrialist. During a course of therapy to address a debilitative knee problem for the client, use of Kinesiology Taping modalities led to a remarkable efficacy, allowing the client to both regain pain-free mobility and resume his training regimen.

SpiderTech is a line of pre-engineered tape-based therapeutic supports developed to facilitate a functional medicine approach to pain modulation and myofascial dysfunction. Their re-invention of Kinesiology Tape methodologies, in the form of "pre-cut" applications, are designed for clinical use providing a standardization of Kinesiology tape treatment in a manner that increases treatment throughout. Manufactured using the proven tape products of Nitto Denko - manufacturers of the original Kinesiology Tape -SpiderTech is the next evolution in the clinical use of kinesiology taping.

"SpiderTech's pre-cut kinesiology tape is quick and easy for doctors to apply to their patients and is specifically engineered to provide the proper support and reduce strain on the affected area," says Douglas Yost, President and Founder of


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