Announces Sale Products For Black Friday is pleased to announce it is having a chiropractic Black Friday sale.

Chiropractic equipment such as ultrasounds, chiropractic adjusting tools, and cold lasers are expensive purchases in a down or regular economy. has announced a Black Friday sale on ten pieces of chiropractic products and chiropractic supplies, including JTech chiropractic adjusting tools, Mettler cold lasers, and Body Sport Fitness Balls.

"Buying chiropractic equipment is a large purchase of any clinic and having a Chiropractic Black Friday Sale can help lower doctors' expenses before the Holidays," says Douglas Yost, President and Founder of

The ten for sale items are E-2 Hydrocollators, JTech chiropractic adjusting tools, Jtech Commander muscle tester, Intelect Transports ultrasound, Intelect Legend Comco therapy unit, Mettler SysStim laser, Conductor transmission gel, BodySport fitness balls, Phases Rehab Software. SmartStep Healthcare mats.


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