Chip4Power Optimizes Car Torque And Power With Chiptuning, PKW Tuning And LKW Tuning

Ensuring better driving pleasure to car owners in Germany, Chip4Power offers professional chip tuning for BMW, Audi, VW, Volvo, Opel and several other makes and models.

For heightened power and performance, cars are subjected to chip tuning to modify the components of the vehicle's Electronic Control Unit or ECU. Known benefits of this procedure include enhanced engine power, cleaner emission and up to 20% fuel consumption and energy savings.

In Germany, one company boasts of extensive experience and signature quality service in the field of car chiptuning and electronic engine tuning: Cars serviced include BMW, Mercedes CDI, Audi, VW TDI, Volvo and Opel.

"We have been actively chiptuning vehicles for clients in the area for over 25 years," said the Chip4Power team. "Throughout this time, we've faced many different issues and challenges with this highly specialized engine enhancement trick - and always determined the right solution for them."

The company, which serves over 70 cities all over the country, optimizes all cars and vehicles in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Essen, but also in Leipzig, Halle, Dresden, Munich and Stuttgart, Cologne, Augsburg and Frankfurt. Internationally, the team also offers motor tuning in Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

The professionals at Chip4Power can complete in about 2 hours. The process essentially entails conducting a detailed "fitness and performance check" of the original software is, and a re-market check by until everything fits. Clients may do a test drive after the job has been completed.

Satisfied customer Jorg Westermann said about the Chip4Power's leadership in the chip tuning arena: "For over 12 years, I had all my vehicles chip tuned at Chip4Power. I was at first critical and skeptical, but the incredible results made me want to make that decision." offers a chiptuning package of the most elaborate type that has been crafted for enable gasoline, petrol or diesel powered vehicles to offer the best performance. In addition, offers chiptuning for motorcycles, trucks, boats and machinery.

To find out more about the reputable chip tuning service from Chip4Power, please visit for information.

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