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"CHINAPLAS 2013 Chinaplas Show The Vitality Of The Asian Rubber Industry

The world-renowned management pointed out in 2012 that from 2000 -2010 global economic center of gravity is the eastward shift of the speed of 140 kilometers per year.

The world-renowned management consulting firm McKinsey report published in June 2012, pointed out that, from 2000 -2010 global economic center of gravity is the eastward shift of the speed of 140 kilometers per year. 2010 to 2025, the economic growth of 47% from 440 cities in developing countries, half of them to the Chinese mainland cities. Same economic eastward shift reflected in the rubber and plastics industry in China. In the plastics industry, the global plastics consumption in 2011 amounted to 200 million 50 million tons, of which China accounted for a quarter; then the production of plastic products in China amounted to 5,470 tons, a 22% increase over 2010; plastics machinery production more than 24 million units. Chinese rubber machinery market in the rubber industry, sustainable development, 2011 sales revenue increased by 36%, the ratio increased to 31% share of the global market;, Chinese enterprises occupy 14 seats in the top 30 global rubber machinery manufacturers sales revenue. Many Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the rubber and plastics industry, with its steady rise in economic and continuous development.

The exhibition is undoubtedly the best stage show industry spectacular. First in Asia, the world's second "CHINAPLAS 2013 International Chinaplas" (twenty-seventh China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition) will be held from 20 to 23 May 2013, in Pazhou, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China into Export Commodities Fair Complex held a grand. Guangdong Province is the largest province in China Plastics Industry, stationed nearly 1,000 largest corporations last year produced more than 1,000 tons of plastic products accounted for about 20% of the total national production, has great potential for development.

The four-day exhibition will be open a total of 25 exhibition halls the Pavilion Area A and Area B, is expected to more than 220,000 square meters of exhibition area, an increase of 22% from the 2011 exhibition held in Guangzhou, the scale will scale new heights. Is expected to more than 2,800 Chinese and foreign exhibitors from 36 countries and regions, as well as from 11 countries and regions, including Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, China Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States Pavilion hand in hand to showcase a wide range of chemical raw materials and rubber machinery, more than 3,200 applications for the automotive, construction, electronics and electrical appliances, food and beverage, packaging, medical, Japanese and other industries to provide state-of-the-art innovations and reform solutions, I believe that will attract more interested buyers of plastic rubber market in Asia to come to visit and purchases.

According to organizers, the breeze at the beginning of many well-known companies have their booking booth, including suppliers of chemical raw materials, such as DuPont, Borouge, BASF, Dow, ExxonMobil, Lanxess, etc.; machinery and equipment suppliers, such as Haitian, Zhenxiong, Borch, according to Didier, Fang Li, Liansu Jin Wei, Jinhai, Dalian households Valley, Demark, Akei, Matsui, Kawada, Wuxi Yangming, Tung Yu, Xiao Ma, Ewe Well, science is rather; mold suppliers, such as Mold-Masters, Willow Road. Many "old customers" always, "join", not only demonstrates their confidence in the show, also confirmed the "CHINAPLAS Chinaplas industry leadership.

Audience, it is expected that the exhibition will attract professional buyers from around the more than 115,000 people from 150 countries and regions, of which approximately 25% came from overseas. Among the exhibitors, exhibits a wide range of buyers of various industries for the convenience of visit and search more effective targeted products, the General Assembly carefully establish XI theme zones, including the Injection Molding Machinery Zone, Extrusion Machinery Zone, Plastic Packaging & Blow Molding Machinery Zone, film technology zone, rubber machinery and equipment zone, auxiliary equipment and Testing Equipment Zone, tooling and processing equipment area, Chemicals & Raw Materials Zone, the area of ​​semi-finished products, bio-plastic zone, as well as China's export of machinery and raw materials Museum. New additional film technology zone, covering the mechanical varieties including blowing up film extrusion lines, flat squeeze film, film, filament tensile operating line, slitting rewinding joint machine and winding winding equipment, not only caters to the plastic film industry is booming, and more to meet the strong demand of the market.

Currently, hosted actively recruit all over the world travel agency partners, to cope with the publicity "CHINAPLAS 2013 Chinaplas" and fight for more exposure. So far, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Finland, India, Indonesia, South Korea, New Zealand, the Philippines, Russia, China Taiwan, Thailand, travel agencies implement the travel agency network partners overseas, providing transport for overseas exhibitors and visitors, accommodation The one-stop service, study and sightseeing.

The audience of the show entrance fee of 30 yuan (day ticket) and 50 yuan (four days votes). To enjoy free admission, on March 15, 2013 Login pre-register as audience successfully registered to receive the spectators card out before and journal vouchers a total value of RMB 150 yuan. In addition, pre-registered visitors can also take advantage of the online features myChinaplas Search Exhibitors route and the preparation of individual plans to visit to visit the guide, and enjoy the online business matching service.

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