China Study Controversy: Can We Really Believe These Studies? Or Are They All Just Fake?

Discover If Eating Meat Is Really Healthy And Why China Study May Be Not The Ultimate Answer For All Health Issues.

The second debate from 'The Great Health Debate' has just ended. It created a lot of buzz and controversy, especially around the topics of China Study, perfect healthy diet and low sodium food. Can we really live up to 100 years in our busy cities?

Kevin Gianni from The Renegade Health Show said: "3. Is there anything wrong with the China Study?

Jonny Bowden had some things to say that questioned the validity the China Study - or parts of it. I'm not going to delve into those now, since we have T. Colin Campbell in the line up to address his work, but I will say this...

Not every study is perfection.

I, for at least the first 3 years or so since the release of the China Study in 2005, have been using the it as an example for all plant-based diet eaters to follow.

I've also heard countless experts reference the book as well. It was only a matter of time that someone took out a microscope and over-analyzed it.

I'm sure you can find fault in it.

I'm sure you can also find fault in all the archeological studies done that show we should eat a diet filled with animal protein as well.

We have to look at the trends in research like Dr. Mercola and Dr. Cousens discussed in the first evening.

Trends give us evidence of repeatable results that start to help us come to true understanding.

Unfortunately, there are trends both ways when it comes to wild animal protein and plant foods - at least with the science we have now.

Do we need more science? Do we listen to our relatives? What do you think?

5. Dr. Fuhrman and Jonny Bowden both want us to eat more vegetables - there is more similarity than opposition.

Both Dr. Fuhrman and Jonny Bowden want us to eat more vegetables. I think that may be the overriding truth that you'll hear over the next 6 nights.

My question is does the nutrition discussion have to go any further than that?

Think about it, what if the majority of the population just ate the recommendations that Michael Pollan suggests?

"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants."

If so, there would be significantly less disease, significantly less animal cruelty, significantly less argument about nutrition and we'd be able to move on and focus on things like living a fulfilled life.

Those on the fringe, like us, could have discussions back and forth, but we'd understand that we as an entire population are moving toward optimal, not slipping back like we are now.

That sounds pretty good to me.

But clearly, that's way too simple for our "intelligent" minds to believe.

There MUST be more... right?

I'm convinced there is, but it's not in the food."

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