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China's Manufacturing Industry Overall Will Remain In A Fairly Long Period Of Time To Maintain Superiority

China's Manufacturing Industry Overall Will Remain In A Fairly Long Period Of Time To Maintain Superiority.

Zheng Yongnian, East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore, said on the 18th, although some rely on cheap labor manufacturing transferred from China to Southeast Asia and other places, but because of the geographical differences of the cost and a relatively sound infrastructure, China's manufacturing industry as a wholewill remain in a fairly long period of time to maintain superiority.

Said Zheng Yongnian, with the rising costs of China's eastern coastal areas of human resources, and other factors, many companies began to be transferred to other areas from here. Part of the enterprise is really dependent on cheap labor to transfer abroad, but more businesses are actually transferred to the central Henan and other regions even in the western region.

He said, many businesses still choose to stay in China, there is still some cost advantage due to the central and western regions. Infrastructure construction in China, the level of short-term will remain far superior to Cambodia, Vietnam, India and other surrounding areas. In addition, the agglomeration effect on the industry chain enterprises is critical, some enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta surrounding areas can purchase almost all parts they need.

East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore and the large-scale development of the western region of Sichuan Province, China Academy of Social Sciences Research Center released in Singapore on 18 cooperative research report on the trend of Singaporean companies to invest in China. The report said that the Singapore corporate investment in China With the changes in the regional development and accelerate the expansion to the west.

In the case of the slowdown in growth in the eastern region, there is still a huge potential for development of the vast central and western regions, but also China's future an important driving force to maintain relatively fast economic growth, said Zheng Yongnian.

Western Development Research Center of the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, New Pattern vast geographical diversification and development stage of China's economic development potential. The western region in the past five years, the economic growth rate over the eastern coastal areas is expected that the next thing the relative gap will narrow, especially the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone has become one of the important growth pole.

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