China Mineral Company Announces Plans To Continue Expansion Through 2011

After a strong 2011 and with the formation of successful funding partnerships, China Mineral Company plans to double its production by the end of 2012.

With Gold prices still near $1400 and Silver near $30 per ounce, China Mineral Company plans to increase its production in 2011. After forming partnerships with venture capital firms in the latter half of 2010, China Mineral Company is focusing on raising capital and expanding production capabilities.

Analysts at China Mineral Company believe that both gold and silver are trading at stable levels and that they could likely increase throughout 2011 by 10-20%.

"Chinese domestic demand alone is huge, and with the government holding back the RMB, inflation is inevitable... with continued inflation in China, and around the world, Gold and Silver look like they will continue to increase in value." - Clark Paulson, China Mineral Company Analyst

After a promising 2010 fourth quarter of raising capital through venture capital firms in the United States and Europe, China Mineral Company plans to continue to offer shares to non-Chinese citizens throughout 2011.

With capital projections from private investments in the first half of 2011, CMC expects to expand its mining and milling capabilities and double capacity by the end of 2012.


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