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Chief Diversity Officers To Gain Insights From Key White House Executive Branch Appointees, Says True Blue Inclusion, CDO Collaborative Group

Chief Diversity Officers (CDO's) will have opportunity to meet a group of key White House appointees who lead a variety of functions impacting diversity and inclusion activity for US corporations. Meeting will take place in DC on February 21-22.

Advancing its goal to bring Chief Diversity Officers into the inner-circle venues of leadership, True Blue Inclusion today announced that its members will have exactly that opportunity at special sessions on Thursday and Friday, February 21 and 22 in Washington, DC.

Titled "The Chief Diversity Officer and Thought Leadership: A New Administration -- Thinking Through the Next Four Years," the meeting is the next in True Blue Inclusion's schedule of discussions fro its diversity and inclusion members. The meeting will bring together a group of Executive Branch appointees to interact openly and freely on topics of particular interest and concern to diversity professionals.

"This is what we do," said Catherine Smith, Managing Partner of True Blue. "We bring thought leaders and other people of position and influence to the same table with the top people in diversity and inclusion. Over the past years, we've found this to be both unique in the field, and invaluable to diversity practitioners."

The upcoming session will create in-depth discussions around a set of issues key to the next four years, including: immigration reform; hiring opportunities for veterans and their families; gaining Presidential nomination to Boards and Commissions; the Science, Technology and Change Management Fellows Program 2; changes in Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP; and pending Supreme Court cases relevant to diversity and inclusion.

"We've found that people in government who make a difference really appreciate the chance to network with individuals in business who make decisions about diversity and inclusion," added Carlton Yearwood, Senior Partner at True Blue. "Talking with Chief Diversity Officers on the front line every day is a way that helps these solid government leaders keep grounded in their thought and action. They tell us these meetings are a great two-way street."

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