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Chews-4-Health International Launches a New Health and Wellness Website

Chews-4-Health International, a company dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles, has launched a brand new website design for

Chews-4-Health International, a company dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles, has launched a brand new website design for This new website is devoted to health and wellness and provides value information to health-conscious consumers. Consumers visiting the website will have access to the first-to-market Chews-4-Health International product line at significant savings for quantity purchases, as well as helpful and informative articles, audios and videos. The health and wellness resources are all organized in a user friendly media library. In addition, the new incorporates a wellness blog where consumers can look up articles and posts for answers to their health and wellness questions, all contributed by renowned health experts, including the product formulator and host of "To Your Good Health Radio," Dr. David Friedman.

The newly launched website follows the news that Chews-4-Health International has made their products available direct to consumers, via retail stores, and via their new online Affiliate Marketing Program. Customers and Affiliates alike can now enjoy the convenience of purchasing and selling products online direct from the company, with the added benefit of health and wellness resources easily accessed on one state-of-the-art website.

Chews-4-Health International is best-known for its first-to-market chewable dietary supplement line and, through national media exposure, has quickly become the go-to for all-natural solutions to everyday health and wellness needs. Whether it's to live a healthier lifestyle with Chews-4-Health Dietary Supplement, experience energy throughout the day, chemical free with IGNITE... Energy Done Right, get a restful night's sleep without grogginess with Good-Night or Eat Less and Cheat Less with TrimULean, Chews-4-Health International has made helping consumers reach optimal health its number one priority through each of these doctor formulated products. Chews-4-Health International has pioneered "The Whole Body Transformation System," the perfect combination of health, wellness, fitness and nutrition. They've partnered with Denise Austin, "America's fitness expert" and bestselling author Erin Palinski (Belly Fat Diet for Dummies) to help save consumers from expensive gym costs, unhealthy food choices and wasted money on supplements that just do not work.

For more information about Chews-4-Health International and access to the health and wellness library please visit

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