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Chevron Books Inc. Features International Artist - Amol Saraf

Chevron Books Inc. (, a California-based corporation, is pleased to feature Amol Saraf, an International artist based in India.

The serene and joy-filled artwork of Amol Saraf is now showcased on the website for Chevron Books Inc. (

Amol Saraf is one of several artists who responded to an artist call, issued by Chevron Books Inc. earlier this year. The artist call was issued in order to seek an illustrator for the next book by Michelle Claus, author of The Marshmallow Test.

Amol Saraf's work and biography are so impressive that Chevron Books Inc. has chosen to showcase his work on the company's main website.

In Amol Saraf's own words: "Working in any medium, with any material and on any scale is my specialty. I believe in creating artwork that is soothing, refreshing and positive. I strive that my work should always portray peace, make people happy, fresh and motivated."

Amol Saraf's multifaceted, peaceful artwork will inspire other artists and authors to further develop their creative talents.

About Chevron Book Inc. (
Chevron Books Incorporated is a southern-California based full-service publishing company. The mission of Chevron Books Inc. is to develop, refine, publish, and promote written art. One of the companies core values is that getting a work completed right is far more important than meeting a deadline.

About Amol Saraf
Amol Saraf is an International artist based in India. The founder of Studio Advait. Amol Saraf provides products and services in the field of art that include: Paintings, Murals (indoor and outdoor), and Direct-to-wall art.

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