Chennai- the Cultural Hub!

The Silicon Valley or the Garden city of India has always attracted tourists, to explore the various tourist destinations.

The Silicon Valley or the Garden city of India has always attracted tourists, to explore the various tourist destinations. There are educational institutes, multinational companies, and high rise buildings. And at the same time there are the historical monuments, gardens, temples and churches which reflect the rich cultural heritage of the city.

This city is known for the most enchanting gardens. There is the Cubbon Park which is a delightful place especially for the kids owing to the presence of toy train. Then there is the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden. This garden is famous for the most captivating variety of red roses.

Then there are the shrines of this city. The Bull temple, dedicated to Nandi 'the bull', the closest worshipper of Lord Shiva is a must visit. Then there is the Someshwara temple, also known for its architectural beauty. This beautiful temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva. Then there is also the St. Mary church. It is known for its stained windows, and is dedicated to Mother Mary.

There are many historical monuments in here which are known for their architectural glory. Like the summer retreat of the Ruler Tipu Sultan. The sculpture of this palace is sure to spell bound you. Another significant establishment is the Bangalore Palace.

The upcoming fashion hub-

But this is not all to this city; it is also known for the most alluring night life. There are clubs, discos with DJ's and live music. Then there is soon to be held the Bangalore fashion week. It is an international event, which has been created to bring about a worthy exposure of the Indian designers to the Global fashion world. It would definitely be a wonderful experience to witness it!

There is availability of flights to bangalore to most of the cities of southern India. Another city which is known for the development in all arenas is the city of Chennai.

The city of Chennai is known for the beaches, temples, churches, food and music form.

The Marina Bay beach in here is known to be the second largest beach in the world. There are monuments, shops, eateries, walkways in here. Then there is the Elliot's beach which is known for the coffee shops and restaurants at the coast. For those of you who want to spend a quiet time, the Breezy beach will be the perfect place. There is also the Covelong beach for the water sports enthusiast.

This city is renowned for the shrines, mosques and churches. The San Thome Church is sure to spell bound you. The Velannkanni church with a museum is always flocked with devotees. Then there is the Big Mosque which is known for its architectural magnificence. There is the Kapaleeswara temple known for the most intricate carvings on the courtyard. There is the also the Kandaswamy temple, a must visit. The Ayappan temple is dedicated to God Muruga, God Ayappan, God Anjaneyar, Maa Durga and God Ganesha.

For the wild life lovers there is the Guindy National Park. It houses many varieties of reptiles and birds. The Aringar Anna Zoological Park is known for the most amazing flora and fauna.

There is availability of bangalore to chennai flights as well.

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