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Trip planning should never be a hassle. is the perfect option to book your flight. will provide consumers with the most up-to-date database of flights when searching because the site scans all possible agencies that sell airline tickets. No more jumping around to various website. will provide consumers with more results than even its top competitors, including, Hipmunk, Mobissimo and Skyscanner. is a fast and efficient travel solution that allows price comparison and provides instant and accurate information on the availability of flights. collects as much information as possible and displays it to the consumer in the most convenient way. While it does not sell plane tickets or control bookings, focuses on finding the best options, meaning the lowest priced flights available for your trip. The main benefit is the ability for the site to compare multiple travel sites at the same time. There are more options available than with just strictly using Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), such as Expedia, Orbitz, or Priceline. is the perfect choice because as a meta-search site, it works with ITA Software, which allows them certain search capabilities and access to a variety of fares. The ITA Software allows consumers to get results quickly and accurately. For example, ITA Software is able to pull fares from the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO), which collects the amount from about 500 airlines worldwide. Consumers, who use, will receive the most relevant flight information. then allows consumers to filter and compare the results before they book their flight. To filter their search results, consumers are able to choose options that narrow their results. These options include flexible dates, flight departures/arrival times and depending on the destinations, airport locations. The departure and arrival times are all in the local times zones, to help make planning easier. The prices displayed, include all taxes and fees, so consumers won't be left guessing. Essentially, is doing the work of finding the lowest fares, rather than the consumer. Once the consumer is ready to book their flight, they will be sent directly to the seller's site. will even find fares on sale that the airlines may only have available on their own website. Sometimes these flights are even cheaper than the flights from OTAs and even from top competitors, such as Many times, OTAs do not provide all available flight information because they have limited access. The reason is because meta-search sites, like, will go beyond the standard OTA date search. is also a great option to use when searching for international flights to a variety of destinations, including Rome, London or Dubai. By using, consumers will no longer have to go from site to site looking for air fares and being unproductive. takes the hassle out of your trip planning and finds consumers the lowest fares guaranteed

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