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Chaserace Is The Worlds First Strategy Racing Game on AppStore

Build your own Racing track, play in Real time mode with other human players in the World, enjoy the new feeling of Strategy combined with speed, win Real money prizes, qualify to participate in the ChaseRace World cup to win Real money and have fun.

Speed and strategy.
Chase Race is a completely new gaming experience because it gives you a quite new Feeling of the combination of strategy and tactical maneuvers, while racing cars are running against each other in simultaneous moves. One could say: "ChaseRace is the state of the art vector racing game". It's a whole new feeling to think both strategy and movement at the same time. All six players has an interval of 8 seconds to choose the cars next move.

Strategy tokens.
ChaseRace has exciting strategy pieces (GAFs) that can tune the race cars driving ability. This feature, our players can use in their garage between races, where they can tune their car, so the right combination of strategy pieces are placed in the race car before the time trial for pole position starts. This simulate the Real worlds Engineering efforts (during the Winther) making the racing cars as fast as possible for the next season.

The cars moves like in reality.
It's as if the cars are driving like in the reality, both stopping distance and acceleration are like in reality.You simply crash, if you drive too fast and the car gradually loses its ability to make laneshift maneuvers as the number of crash increase. In the pit, you can repair the engine, change tires and refuel, so you do not run out of fuel during the race.
There are so many strategic and tactical elements in the Chase Race App, so it leads too far to talk about it here.

World cup tournament.
We would like to share this strategy racing game with as many others because the more players we get, the bigger the pot, one can win in the yearly World Cup Tournament (We share our ad income with our players, please see the prize counter on our website:

No luck only brain.
There is no luck in the Chase Race game, but only your strategic skills will determine the outcome of the races. One race game takes only 10 to 15 minutes of our players valuable time. It's also really exciting to play for Vouchers, which you can buy iTune Gifts Cards for. But most important is our services handling our player feedback. We listen to good ideas and improvements from players on our blog. The App was released in AppStore on December 14th. 2013, so it all just begin.

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