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Charities Begin New Campaigns As Chinese New Year Approaches

Charities are starting their new donation campaigns aimed at getting people to give their unwanted items to charity through donation bags, having received or bought new items for themselves and their homes over Christmas.

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, and will occur on the 10th of February this year. Around the world there are a number of huge celebrations that occur as people bring in the New Lunar Year that marks the beginning of the new Chinese calendar. Many people give gifts on this occasion, even though it's not been that long since people exchanged gifts for Christmas.

Charities are beginning to hold new campaigns for fundraising this year and Chinese New Year is the perfect opportunity for them to take advantage of people receiving new gifts. When people get given presents they often get new versions of items they already have, meaning they have items they need to give away. By distributing charity bags now, charities are more likely to get donations in their charity bags when they collect them after Chinese New Year.

Bonnington Plastics is receiving an increased number of enquiries in the lead up to Chinese New Year, a Customer Service Representative for the company commented, "more and more charities are contacting us about having new charity bags made for their new campaigns early this year. By watching for occasions such as Chinese New Year, charities are able to accurately predict when they will get the most donations from a campaign, and save themselves distributing them at a time when no one will be giving any of their items to charity. We can manufacture charity bags to any design specifications, and most charities have already chosen their designs, meaning their bags are quicker to produce."

Chinese New Year is a huge opportunity for charities that needs to be taken advantage of if they want to begin the year with a boost. Without donations from people via charity bags, charities will have nothing to sell in their shops, which are essential for paying for the running costs of a charity, as well as providing money to help support their causes.

Bonnington Plastics is a charity bag manufacturer based in the UK. They can produce a wide range of charity bags, each to the specifications set out by a charity when they come to them for their charity bag production. Having customised charity bags is often an advantage to charities, as it shows how much effort they put in to help their cause.

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