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Chantilly Rose Offers Fantastic Discounts For Upcoming Holiday Season

Chantilly Rose is providing valuable discounts on a wide range of mastectomy-related apparel for women who have undergone breast cancer treatment.

As the holiday season approaches, Chantilly Rose is stepping up their efforts to ensure that their clientele have a particular enjoyable season of happiness and joy. For many of Chantilly Rose's customers, this thought and dedication comes at a poignant moment in their lives. Chantilly Rose offers clothing, underwear and swimwear for women who have undergone mastectomy treatments as a result of breast cancer treatment.

For Libby and Clair, the mother and daughter team behind Chantilly Rose, the need for this particular niche within an otherwise crowded apparel industry stems from formative personal experiences. Following a family experience with breast cancer in 2006, both Libby and Clair decided to put their talents to good use, helping women nourish and maintain their femininity following invasive treatment plans. Their clothing provides women with the structural and aesthetic support they need to remain confident in a variety of social situations. The clothing options available at Chantilly Rose range from sensual to elegant, allowing women to fully express themselves in clothing specifically designed to be compatible with their bodies.

Chantilly Rose is currently offering a range of holiday gift vouchers for those who have undergone breast cancer treatments as well as friends and family members of recovering women. These discounts can provide a much needed financial and morale boost for those who have been battling an otherwise grueling fight in recent history. The offers extend well into December, and customers are encouraged to take the time to browse the extensive collection of items available in store to find the perfect gift for themselves or their loved ones this holiday season.

Since their formation in 2009, Chantilly Rose has helped countless women across the UK rebuild their lives following a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment. This particular holiday discount is fully reflective of their commitment to help women through an arduous and emotionally-draining period of their life. When speaking with Libby and Clair, it's immediately obvious that these women are genuine in their intent. Chantilly Rose was founded on pillars of love and support, and it's readily apparent that these women are dedicated to sustaining these sentiments for the foreseeable future. Although breast cancer remains a viable threat for women around the world, Libby and Clair have made it abundantly clear that a "normal" life doesn't end at diagnosis or treatment. Beauty, of both an internal and external variety, will never be extinguished.

Since 2009, Chantilly Rose has offered clothing to breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomy treatments. Customers can browse their collection online at

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