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Changing Face of Self Publishing in India

The story of India's very own Self Publishing company. Quills Ink provides platform to new authors to publish and sell books across the globe.

Getting yourself a good publisher who can publish your book can be very challenging. Till few years back new writers would find it quiet challenging to publish their book from a traditional publisher, there have been instances that young and new writers gave up their dreams of becoming a published author. However, that is no longer an issue now. Thanks to technology a lot of aspiring writers get to turn authors through self-publishing.

Like in other fields the publishing industry has also come a long way and has radically altered. In India new companies like Quills Ink Publishing are helping authors self publish their books and also help them in selling it across the globe.

Self Publishing is completely author pro concept. As the complete investment is done by the author themselves, they have complete control over the Publishing, content and Sales. A Self Published book is based on Print Demand Concept, they are only printed on demand. If someone buys your book, it is printed and then shipped.

Otherwise, only a digital version is uploaded. The advantage is that the author or publisher does not bear the cost of stocking and warehousing which at last adds up to high costs and overheads.

Quills Ink offers various levels of Publishing packaged for writers which helps them in not only publishing a book but also selling and marketing it. They sell books across the globe through online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Barnes & Nobles, Google etc and to International booksellers through Ingram Books based in USA. Quills Ink also shares profits on sales with their authors and pay 70% royalty on all net sales. All these features fill the gap between a traditional publisher and a typical self publishing company.

As said by Rohan Vij, Founder & Director Quills Ink, To get published is a tough job for authors but we have been able to remove barriers for them and are paving paths so that they can come in freely and achieve their dreams of being a published author.

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