CES Exclusive - HSTi Unveils Mobostick AP , World's First Wireless Flash Drive For Android Phones and Tablets

HSTi unveils at the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show "mobostick Access Point (AP)" World's first wireless flash drive for Android™ smartphones and tablets.

The mobostick AP is a wireless flash drive without internal storage. Your Android device is its storage. Mobostick allows devices to read it like a normal flash drive but the files contained in it are shared virtually from your phone or tablet. The intuitive mobostick App found on Google Play™ allows the selection of the files to be shared out of the phone. Once the files are selected and the phone is connected to mobostick's built in Wi-Fi hotspot any device can read, copy and playback the shared files as if they were local to the flash drive. Share any or all files form your phone with any device equipped with a USB port like a PC, Laptop, media player, TV, game console, stereo, car system, etc.

Imagine the flexibility of sharing a document from a tablet to a colleague's laptop, or plug into the USB port of your car and listen to your music... complete freedom.

An accessory as portable as your Android SmartPhone and Tablet. Mobostick is equipped with a Wi-Fi Access Point/Hotspot and utilizes that technology to wirelessly connect to your Android device while the Mobostick AP App allows the sharing of the folders and files. The combination is a versatile portable, self-contained accessory that offers wireless USB compatibility to your phones files on the go wirelessly anytime, anywhere.
Plug the mobostick to the USB port:
• To play music files in your car entertainment system
• Copy files to a computer or laptop
• Backup important information
• Stream your music files to a stereo
• Beam videos uploaded or created by the device to your TV
• Display a photo slideshow through your game console or any media player
• Print a photo
Wirelessly from your Android phone or tablet and without complicated software or drivers.

"Now wirelessly sharing all your files from your smartphone and tablet can be a breeze and without being tied to your home Wi-Fi network. We worked hard to produce a unique portable accessory for the millions of Android smartphones and tablets, and bridge the gap between the smartphone and the billions of USB devices in existence today. " said Ramesh Uppal CEO at HSTi.

mobostick AP is readily available through HSTi's online store hsti.com/shop with international shipping and fine retailers and e-tailers in the US, Canadian, UK, German and Indian markets


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