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Certified Coder Academy's Medical Coding Essentials Program Adds Advisors

Medical Coding Essentials, a recently developed program offered by Certified Coder Academy, will assist students with career advising services

Certified Coder Academy has substantially enhanced its online AHIMA and AAPC medical coding certification exam preparation program. The program, which will accommodate both ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding classification systems, is known as Medical Coding Essentials.

As a result of several years of statistical research conducted by Certified Coder Academy, the Medical Coding Essentials program will add two coding career advisors to current student support staff.

"Our experienced medical coding career advisors will provide a valuable opportunity for students, as well as prospects, to make the most advantageous and beneficial decisions regarding their certification and career goals," said Senior Administrator Mark Robinson. "Although Certified Coder Academy remains committed to offering the most comprehensive and affordable online medical coding training, we must implement a modest fee increase to compensate for the recent Medical Coding Essentials staff additions."

Medical Coding Essentials career advisors will be available via a dedicated toll-free number. They will help participants to better understand their viable options as a certified medical coder; which coding certification is most appropriate for their current situation and goals, education level, and relevant work experience; and recommend a personalized plan for success.

"We continually appreciate the substantial feedback and suggestions offered by our current and former students," added Sharon Shapiro, a student support specialist with Certified Coder Academy. "We are proud to be able to say that 90%, or more, of our students are the direct result of student referrals. As such, we will do all possible to offer the best medical coding program at the lowest cost through Medical Coding Essentials."

"Certified Coder Academy students fully understand the substantial opportunities for growth and advancement as a certified medical coder," she said. "We determined over the past few years that many of them need much more information to continue making the most beneficial decisions in regards to their medical coding certification and career. We will fill that void as part of our Medical Coding Essentials program."

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