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Certification Program Offered by Cheryl Heppard Will Produce Marketing Conversion Strategies

Noted business consultant, Cheryl Heppard, is sharing her expertise in a new three-month certification program to teach others her innovative and proven strategies to give them an edge in today's tight and competitive economy.

Noted business consultant Cheryl Heppard, featured in the Wall Street Journal as a national example of a successful marketing coach, is sharing her expertise in a new three-month certification program to teach others her innovative and proven strategies to give them an edge in today's tight and competitive economy.

Heppard, a leading coach for business coaches who has built a multi-six-figure business of her own, is offering her effective and creative sales and marketing campaigns to others. "This certification program is designed for business owners who want to finally get their online marketing systems done right, so they get a consistent return on investment in a way that helps them build their business on autopilot," she said.

Beginning with a three-day online course June 9-11, the unique program which includes three months of continuing professional support, will show participants how to hire an effective and talented outsourced team and provide proven conversion strategies and systems for online leads and revenue generation.

Drawing on her own strategies for success, Heppard will share her secrets of creating additional income streams and provide three months of on-going personal support for all participants launching their first projects through her certification program.

The certification is ideal for business coaches, virtual assistants, online business managers, website developers or sales and marketing consultants seeking to expand their services and increase results for their clients.

"This is a business-building certification program in that it will build my clients' businesses and then they will be able to help their own clients as well," Heppard said. "It is exciting for me to see that ripple effect."

Heppard's record of winning tactics in helping her clients and other coaches discover new marketing campaigns and automated systems to bring customers to their websites has won praise from many clients who have boosted their revenues. Their testimonials can be found on her website

"I would love to hire some of my clients in the future, or share the prospective clients whom I can't personally take on," Heppard said of her plans for the unique web-based certification program that takes advantage of all the latest technologies.

She specializes in helping her clients develop new and effective offerings for emerging markets with digital marketing campaigns, their own coaching careers and seeing service-oriented entrepreneurs and corporations boost their business.

Heppard concentrates on helping them increase their sales and revenue by implementing proven marketing strategies and automated systems to drive traffic to their websites, while maintaining strong client relationships.

Her book "Top 7 Crimes of Creativity Your Marketing is Committing" is available on her website as a courtesy marketing guide for registrants for the certification. The enterprising business coach and author also has been featured on the major television networks and in numerous national press reports.

Anyone interested in participating in the certification can email or visit ConversionCertification for more information and also apply to be interviewed for the program.


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