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Cerenity Toilet Seat Sanitizer - A New Concept to Keep Woman Safe & Secure

Cerenity Mobile Hygiene is a toilet seat sanitizer which helps to clean the toilet seat in just a single spray. This germ protection spray keeps the dieses away.

Revolution is always a necessary thing to make the world more batter and clean. At Cera Sanitaryware Ltd., we have manufactured a toilet seat sanitizer named Cerenity. This spray can kill 99% of germs lay on the toilet seat.

A large number of women feel insecure to use public toilets because of germs and various other unhygienic things. Because of this insecureness they don't use public toilets and sometimes they have to face various major health problems. A single public toilet is used by so many people so you have to aware of various infected things. Germs like E. coli, S. Aureus, Salmonella Spp., E. aerogenes, Shigella flexneri, P. Aeruginosa, Vibrio Cholerae, etc. prevail on a toilet seat. Such harmful bacteria can cause Diarrhoea, UTI, Inflammation, Sepsis and various skin infections. Cerenity can give you 100% safe toilet seat in just a single spray. We have researched a lot about various infective dieses and germs. Finally, we have developed a spray called Cerenity Mobile Hygiene. It comes in a small size so women can keep it in their purse to use it in any place. Cerenity seat sanitizer is available in three different fragrances.

Cerenity Citroma

Cerenity Flora

Cerenity Mystic

Cerenity Mobile Hygiene is a product by Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. which is one of the most reputed companies in the field of Sanitaryware. This germ protection spray is specially made for woman safety. It provides safe and secure toilet seat in just a single spray. Cerenity toilet seat sanitizer has undergone extensive tests. The results of the microbiocidal tests carried out show that Cerenity eliminates 99.9% of disease carrying germs commonly found in toilets within seconds. For more details about Cerenity mobile hygiene, you can visit our official website http://www.cerenity.co.in/Default.aspx or you can also call us on +91 79 26449781.

Cerenity Mobile Hygiene
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Cerenity Mobile Hygiene

+91 79 26449781
Cerenity Mobile Hygiene
Madhusudan House, Opp. Navrangpura Telephone Exchange,