Centers for Spiritual Living Using Impact Shopping by OURewards to Raise Revenue Beyond Donations

Through the Impact Shopping program, supporters' online shopping provides new revenues to help the Center's mission to "Awaken humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence"

OURewards announces that several Centers for Spiritual Living have joined the growing list of groups using the Impact Shopping program to raise funds. By simply joining the program, the Centers for Spiritual Living provide an easy, fast and even fun way for supporters to make their everyday online shopping have a real impact.

"We are thrilled to have the Centers for Spiritual Living as a part of our growing community," says John Lane, co-founder of OURewards. "They are exactly the kind of group we had in mind when we founded the company: A community of like-minded people, acting together for a common purpose."

The Impact Shopping program is easy to set-up as a site can be developed in minutes. Supporters can share via email or social media, and because there are no sign ups or passwords, anyone can make a purchase that helps the cause.

OURewards also made sure that all of the top merchants on the Web - like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon - are included.

"We designed Impact Shopping to be super easy to use, because we know people don't always have time to enroll in a new program," says Lane. "Also, we know that friends and family may want to participate on a one-time basis, so creating barriers to that behavior just did not make sense."

Getting started is simple, and within minutes, a group can have its own ready-to-use Impact Shopping Page. The Centers for Spiritual Living has numerous pages developed for congregations around the country, with more coming for the holiday shopping season.

"When we saw how easy it was to sign up and all the great merchants, we knew this program would work for us," said Dr. Maureen Hoyt, Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Living Westlake Village. "When we shared the idea with our ministers around the country and they saw the same benefit as we did, it was really exciting. Impact Shopping lets all of our supporters help their own local ministry with every purchase, and it doesn't interfere with regular giving."

The recent economic difficulties and other hurdles have made it harder for groups to raise the money they need, which makes Impact Shopping a phenomenal new option for fundraising. Now, supporters can truly make an impact, simply by buying items like new sneakers for their kids.

To learn more about OURewards and the Impact Shopping program, visit www.ourewards.com, or watch our Impact Shopping video on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2v0Jg7XpZ4. To sign up, go to www.impactshopping.com/info/Leaders.

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