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Cellulite Gets Banished with New Treatment

No one likes cellulite. Now you can fight it with the newest laser technology called Cellulaze.

Ridding the body of cellulite used to mean the painful process of invasive liposuction that would leave the patient inactive and uncomfortable for lengthy periods of time. Thanks to modern scientific advancements it looks like cellulite has a new foe in the laser based treatment Cellulaze. Cellulaze was created by Cynosure, Inc. and was recently approved by the FDA as a safe means of managing stubborn fat deposits that result in dimpled skin. Cellulaze is turning a lot of heads and thousands of people are looking into the new procedure. So what is Cellulaze and most importantly, does it really work?

According to Cellulaze patients the treatment is a phenomenally successful process. Patients are amazed at how well the Cellulaze treatment works. After numbing the area to be treated a small laser tube is inserted under the skin. The laser heats up and melts pockets of fat while cutting through the bands of fiber that pull the skin and cause dimples. The laser also heats the skin to trigger new collagen production, which leads to increased elasticity and thickness. The technically demanding procedure is a welcome alternative to the more invasive methods of cellulite treatment on the market. Unlike massages and creams, Cellulaze is the first and only technology that directly attacks the biological structures that cause cellulite. Patients also love Cellulaze for being a one-time procedure. There's no need to return for multiple follow ups and treatments.

Women in the Beverly Hills area are flocking to their plastic surgeons to try the newest and best trend in plastic surgery. Check out Rejvalife Vitality Institute to see what leading Dr. Andre Berger and his team of talented professionals can do for you and your cellulite problems. Give Dr.Berger a call today: 310-276-4494.

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