CelloSaaS Unveils Self-Guided Live Tour to Simplify Learning About Cello Framework

Cello is available in the form of APIs and libraries, which can be deployed along with your product. Developers can simply consume cello by invoking the required APIs to develop the business solution.

CelloSaaS, a.Net based Multi-Tenant Application development framework today unveils a simplified Self-Guided Live Tour, which will let interested leads to evaluate the framework and its offerings without having to install and run the application in their environment.

SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution encompassing Engineering, Business and Operational modules that can save 40%-50% of your product development efforts, and 20%-30% on your monthly administration expenses.

According to Asteor Software Pvt. Ltd., organization promoting CelloSaaS, believes that Customers who would like to see the various features and modules of CelloSaaS can now place a request for Self-Guided Live Demo of the framework and see the application LIVE instantly.

The Live Application is loaded with business Components that will help ISVs to assume and relate to their SaaS business offering. The Live Application will enable Evaluators to understand the potential and flexibility of our offering without much hassle.

With Self-Guided Live Tour, the evaluators will be able to understand and evaluate most of the key modules such as Tenant/Customer Provision, Edition Management, SaaS Security & Membership Management, SaaS Metering & Billing Engine, Recurring Payment Engine, Message System, Trial to Sale Conversion, Tenant Hierarchy, Tenant and Product Analytics, themes and logo customization etc

Mr. Janaki Jayachandran, Directory of Technology said "The Self-Guided Live Tour will save significant amount of time and effort for our leads as they can now straightaway get started with their evaluation and carry on with it in their own pace. This also demonstrates Cello's cloud neutral capability to be hosted in any cloud provider".

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