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A fast-growing international school for English language course that is based in Cebu, Philippines.

Cleverlearn English Language Institute Inc., (CELI) a fast growing international school for English language, takes pride in announcing its growing population and its wide-range services not just in the academe but in accommodation services and other areas as well. With the continuing development of information technology and e-commerce, the company enables to continue establishing a quality of service to their clients most especially to foreign students. The enrichment of technology day by day provides business solutions, makes the business easier and saves a lot of time and energy.

Staying at CELI while taking up English language course keeps foreign students safe and far from being homesick. It has a dormitory facility called the Cleverlearn Residences that has 82 rooms and can accommodate not just their own foreign students but outside guests as well. Nestled at the heart of historical island of Lapu-lapu City, CELI is just 10 minutes away from the Mactan International Airport and from the enchanting beaches.

On the other hand, CELI became a partner with some Business Outsourcing Process (BPO) companies in Cebu City. In line with this, the company offers Call Center Training program to train potential employees to improve their English communication skills. The company is not just specializing in English language course but it also offers Caregiver Training Program that provides comprehensive training to produce certified live-in caregivers abroad and to provide the best service quality in caregiving.

The company opted to hire more people to keep abreast in the information technology arena. The IT (Information Technology) department from the Cebu City branch was moved to Mactan branch in order to serve better not just locally but globally, solving real worldwide problems in an easier and efficient manner. Jeff Allego, the company's new IT department manager stated, "Computer systems have evolved from simple-file-keeping programs to complex-automation procedures in the previous decades. CELI recognizes the potential of IT systems to add value to the business. One of our aims is to take on the world wide web, bringing our services closer to customers world wide."

CELI caters foreign students from different parts of the world and provides country head from each country in order to fully assist their needs. You may contact Cleverlearn at telephone numbers +63 032 4958569 / +63 032 4959955 and speak with the following country heads should you have questions or for more details.

Miyuki Kitabayashi (Japan)
Lee Dong Hee (Korea)
Natalia Tcybulina (Russia)
Roland Nguyen (Vietnam and other countries)

You may also visit their websites at and or email at

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