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Celebrity Nutritionist Robert Ferguson to Appear on The Ricki Lake Show

Celebrity nutritionist and health expert Robert Ferguson discusses "The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity"

Nutritionist to the stars, Robert Ferguson, will be appearing on The Ricki Lake Show tomorrow, October 16, 2012, to discuss "The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity" as the parent coach and nutritionist on Ricki's team of experts.

This is Robert Ferguson's first time on The Ricki Lake Show, however he has previously worked with Ricki as her nutritionist. In Ricki's book, she has stated that Robert's "approach to nutrition is down to earth, focusing on meals that are accessible and affordable. He understands intuitively that to get kids on board [healthier eating], you have to meet them where they are - and that includes eating food they already like."

About Robert Ferguson
Robert Ferguson, MS, CN, is a certified nutritionist and fitness expert who's been nationally recognized as America's Diet Free Life Coach. Ferguson is the CEO of Diet Free Life, host of the talk show Diet Free Life with Robert Ferguson, a motivational speaker, and the bestselling author of Diet-Free for Life. Rather than eliminating foods from your diet, Ferguson focuses on finding the right food combinations to speed up metabolism and help weight loss. His certifications in fitness and performance nutrition, along with his approach, have helped thousands reduce their waistline and extend their lifeline. Ferguson currently serves on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the National Medical Association. He has also worked with a myriad of Fortune 500 companies as a speaker and consultant as well as a multitude of celebrities.

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