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Tattoos have become a fashion in the present era. People of all ages are going to tattoo studios to get the desired tattoos inked on their bodies. However, getting a tattoo on the body is not an easy process. It is not only painful but also calls for utmost safety and hygiene. One needs to choose the tattooist or the tattoo studio carefully before proceeding to get a tattoo. Celebrity Ink Phuket is a well-recognized tattoo studio in Phuket, which has some selected high qualified and licensed tattoo artists. The tattooists in the studio are not only experts and experienced in inking tattoos, but also have the right knowledge about safety and hygiene to be maintained during the tattooing process.

One can get customized high-quality tattoos inked on his body at the studio, at affordable prices. The team of Celebrity Ink Phuket surpasses the expectations of their clients in terms of quality, safety and hygiene. This is the reason clients return to the studio to avail its services. The studio has the greatest number of awards throughout Thailand.

The studio has a safe, clean and professional environment that allows the customers to get tattoos in a comfortable way. The tattooists can also provide valuable advice to people planning to get new tattoos. Well-versed in the art of tattooing, the artists of the studio can create tattoos that make style statements.

Internationally Recognized Level of Hygiene:

Hygiene is an important factor to consider when getting tattoos as the tattooing process involves the insertion of ink in the skin by cutting the upper layer of skin. The process makes use of needles and other equipment that must be disposed off after use for one person. Lack of hygiene may lead to many diseases.

Celebrity Ink Phuket follows the highest possible hygiene standards. Prior to entering the studio, one needs to remove his shoes and sanitize his hands at a sanitizing booth. The studio has eight sanitizing booths. It has automated soap dispensers accompanied with hand dryers that are touch free.

The studio is one among the few studios in Phuket that are licensed. It also complies with the standards of "occupation health and safety." It strictly follows each and every guideline set up by Australia's professional tattoo association. The studio always uses disposable, single use ink caps and needles, and plastic disposable tubes and tips. The studio has advanced sterilizing equipment and autoclave.

Tattoo Types:

The tattoos one can get from the studio can be broadly categorized into the following types:

Small tattoos

Tribal and writing tattoos

Cover up tattoos

Color tattoos

Grey and black tattoos

One can visit the website of the tattoo studio to know more about its services.

Communication Address:
23/12 Bangla Road, Soi Sea Dragon,
Ban Patong, Phuket,
Thailand 83150
Phone: +66 83 787 8621
Official Website: http://celebrityinktattoophuket.com/

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