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Created by an Australian blogger, Celebrity-Diets.org offers researches and compilations of the best celebrity weight loss regimes, coupled with printable diet plans and vegetarian weight loss tips.

Losing weight and keeping it off may well be one of the toughest journeys anyone will ever go through - for the average person, that is. In more ways than one, celebrities - with all the resources and expert assistance they can get - have everything that it takes to follow diet and fitness regimes that really work. Unknown to many, however, such diet and workout plans are in fact doable by anyone, with a bit of research and drive to achieve weight loss goals and truly become healthy.

Celebrity-Diets.org features exactly just that. The blog is the brainchild of Melissa, a vegetarian, fitness-conscious Australian blogger who tests out the latest Hollywood diet trends.

"The reason I started the website was because I loved reading the diet and exercise regimes of celebrities that sometimes were printed in the gossip magazines," Melissa shares. "I know a lot of the time they just make up a generic sounding diet regime and claim that it is what the model/actress does to lose weight. I thought it would be a great idea to research the work outs of popular celebrities and have them all in one place!"

Celebrity-Diets.org particularly echoes the diet and workout plans written by elite celebrity trainers, emphasizing how they work better than generic workout and diets. The blog provides visitors with 100% free diet plans, recipes and health tips that are designed to get a-list stars and supermodels into shape for red carpet events and runway shows.

All about helping people lose weight the healthy way, Celebrity-Diets.org is also dedicated it to individuals who suffer from anorexia, bulimia and other disorders. Blogger Melissa admits to having felt vulnerable or depressed about her weight as a teenager, and trawled through websites on eating disorders looking for weight loss tips.

To know more about celebrity diets and weight loss strategies, please visit http://www.celebrity-diets.org for information.


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