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Celebrating children's book week - bringing words and pictures to life

Children's Book Week is celebrated in the UK on 5 - 11 October 2009. This year's theme is words and pictures, digital children's publisher joins in the celebrations.

Children's Book Week is celebrated in the UK on 5 - 11 October 2009. This year's theme is words and pictures - focusing on books which spark the imagination by combining superb illustrations with magical language. Award winning digital children's book publisher, Ebooks4Kidz Ltd, joins in the celebrations by offering customers up to 75% off their normal retail prices.

The founder of Ebooks4Kidz Ltd, Jeanette McLeod, said "Our passion is to spark children's imaginations and love of reading by bringing our books to life. It fits so well with what Children's Book Week is trying to achieve. So we decided to celebrate Children's Book Week by offering customers substantial discounts on many of the interactive digital children's books we have available. That way our products are even more accessible to parents who want their kids to develop their literacy skills and love of reading books. Our passion is to spark children's imaginations with our animated illustrations and to bring the stories to life with automatic page turning. Kids love the ability to listen to the story being read aloud, following along with the narrator as the words highlight. For emerging independent readers they can have complete control to read the books themselves and click on any unfamiliar words to hear them spoken. Our passion is to get children reading more by combining their love of technology with great stories and fantastic illustrations. For less than the price of a cup of coffee children can be truly inspired by words and pictures as they both come to life."

Parents can be assured of their children's safety as there is no advertising on the site. Alternatively all of the books can be downloaded to a PC so they don't need to be connected to the internet and can read these books anywhere.

Independent children's ebook publisher Ebooks4Kidz Ltd is offering up to 75% off a selection of their children's digital books available on their website.

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