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Celebrate Valentine's Day in a Beautiful Subtropical Environment

Make this year a special year by surprising her with a meal she will never forget: the finest dinner possible in a location that can't be possibly matched.

When people think about the best restaurants that are out there, they will inevitably mention such cities as New York, Paris, Rome, and Tokyo. Very few people would think to mention the restaurants of Key West, or even have any knowledge as to how good the dining scene is in the little island at the end of the room. When asked what, if anything, they know about the island, they will inevitably mention the party scene and the alcoholic libations that seem to fuel the city. It may seem funny to think that an island known for its margaritas would also offer some of the finest fine dining available in the United States, but the fact remains that some of the best chefs from around the world have chosen to make their home, and career, in paradise.

It should come as no surprise. The same thing that draws tourists from all over the world to come visit is what brings the finest chefs here as well. Per capita, it is one of the most restaurant-dense places in the United States, and only a very small handful of these restaurants are national chains or franchises. The vast majority are privately owned enterprises, constantly in competition with all of the other restaurants trying to make it in Key West while also always challenging themselves to constantly reinvent themselves. To make sure that they continue to be the best restaurants in the world, they need to make sure that they have the best chefs and offer their customers the best product.

Part of doing that is being sure that they are letting the people out there know that they are here. To that end, with Valentine's Day quickly approaching, many restaurants, including the Roof Top Cafй, are offering special menus and deals to entice people to leave the cold behind for a long weekend and to come experience a little slice of paradise. Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, and far more romantic than suffering through another onslaught of winter and a polar vortex is to spend time among beautiful sunsets and waving palm trees before sitting down to a memorable outdoor dining experience. Get yourself down to Key West this weekend and learn just how amazing it is to have dinner on America's Caribbean island.

Jack Terry is a travel writer based in South Florida.

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