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CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Had a Commemorative Of Encouragement

CDN Solutions Group celebrated a Carnival of enjoyment with the objective to interact and inspire its employees to head towards becoming more prolific and valuable. CDN Solutions Group had an official get together at Am

The Carnival was initiated by the motivational speech along with the presentation by Mr. Surajit Mitra, CEO of CDN Solutions Group. Mr. Surajit shared the journey of CDN Solutions Group in summarized way including How the idea of establishing CDN took birth, Why was it named as CDN, From where and How CDN started catering its services to international market, How the company grew, what level it has achieved and also what makes CDN Solutions Group different from other companies. Adding to it, he shared the facts of company's current position and way it can be improved further.

He stated, "We are happy doing xxx hours of work in a month in a particular technology, but we can still improve our efficiency and make this xxx hours more productive with the same team strength. Let's make ourselves more profitable and understand that if we have that crave, we can be one step ahead." Concluding he said, "We aim at a more productive and a value generating company to all of us. I encourage that we all are one voice on this vision so that this Diwali and coming New Year actually brings a glittering year ahead for all of us."

The get together continued with the dance and dinner. This was a great celebration and a memorable event for all CDNites which rejuvenate them with zeal and courage to do better.

Mr. Chetan Naik, CTO of CDN Solutions Group said "We believe that our clients have always been a catalyst in our growth. Quality work and proper communication are the key factors to obtain the client satisfaction and I am happy to share that 80% of our business has been repeat business from the same clients. Every year, CDN get lot of good reviews and feedbacks from our National and International Clients." While sharing CDN's first international client Mr. Henry, he says "He is very satisfied with our services & is still continuing with our company." Mr. Naik showed his gratitude for all the clients and employees for their contribution to take CDN Solutions Group at a pinnacle.

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