Cash In My Pension Website Launches Official Youtube Channel

Cash In My Pension is a website supported by Capital Solutions. It aims to provide unbiased advice to those in need of help in their pensions. It has recently launched its official Youtube channel which features informative videos regarding pension.

There are many misconceptions regarding the issue of pensions. For many people, it is a form of security for their future so they opt to keep it untouched until the day they finally retire. The past five years, however, has been witness to a dramatic 30% decline in pension funds. The good news is that there are other ways to using pension that can help people avoid being affected by problems such as this. The bad news, however, is that not a lot of people are aware of these options.

Cash in My Pension is a website that educates and assists people in such matters. Supported and maintained by London based financial services company Capital Solutions, it aims to provide individual, personal, and professional service to clients who need help in insurance, mortgage, and pension. The independent financial services provider closely work with a number of finance affiliated companies and offer unbiased information to its patrons.

The question 'can I cash in my pension?' is one of the many inquiries that the website commonly answers and give assistance to. Among some of the alternatives that it suggests to its clients is the aspect of 'unlocking'. This is a method that is used by those who want to produce their value of investment from the advance deposits that they have accumulated prior to retirement. The website Cash In My Pension also offers the possibility of having a pension transfer which involves transferring an existing pension plan to another company. This is recommended to those who are no longer happy with their current pension company or those who are looking for a better plan that can give them the most benefits come retirement.

Besides from its very helpful website, Cash In My Pension has recently launched its official Youtube channel which features a number of informative videos about subjects like retirement and pension. This is a very friendly and interactive medium for those who prefer watching videos rather than reading when looking for information. Just some of the subjects covered by the Youtube channel videos are 'can you cash in a pension retirement plan for holiday money or life income benefit?' and 'cash in pension early-retirement money plan-release funds and pay benefits with no tax'. Through their new video channel, the top financial advice source has effectively reached out to a wider audience that needs advice for their life's future.

To know more about pension, simply visit Cash In My Pension's Youtube can also be accessed by simply going to

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